Our Purpose

The purpose and aims of the Foundation

  • To provide financial assistance for any New Zealand school-aged youth to have the opportunity to experience the educational, societal and environmental experiences in the Marlborough Sounds, offered by the Mistletoe Bay Trust.
  • Enhancing the wellbeing, values and prospects of future generations of New Zealanders. 
  • Assist the growth of leadership skills in young New Zealanders.

This experience should be accessible to all children but the costs can often be a barrier.

How will this be achieved?

By raising enough capital to allow the Foundation to distribute funds on an annual basis, from interest earned. The capital will be raised from donations after approaching relevant individuals, companies and funding institutions who we believe empathise with the goals of the Trust.

How you can help

Find out how you can contribute.

It was the best 4 days of my life. I learned so many things like believing in myself. I have achieved many qualities. This programme taught me that nothing is impossible. "We can" and "I can" is the step towards success. 15 Year Old Student

Help us achieve our goal

To build the sort of capital required, the Foundation needs significant funds. Your donation can help hundreds of young people to experience the life-changing programmes at the Mistletoe Bay Eco-Village. The more we can raise, the more we will have available each year. This is where we hope you can help.