The Mistletoe Bay Experience

Take on challenges, build confidence, learn team work and build relationship skills

Mistletoe Bay Eco Village occupies a pristine setting in the breathtaking Marlborough Sounds, showcasing New Zealand’s finest qualities—native bush, endemic fauna, clear water, solitude, recreation and peace. It is more than a place to stay; it is an experience.

Visiting children from all walks of life get to experience the New Zealand outdoors. Mistletoe Bay is also very much an outdoor classroom where kids can learn about sustainable living, environmental protection and natural science.

They can kayak, mountain bike, swim, dive, sail or walk and become immersed in the pristine marine and native forest environment for which Mistletoe Bay is famous.

Mistletoe Bay features eight whare (cabins), each with an en suite bathroom and sleeping and living areas for six. There is a kitchen/meeting room provides for cooking and dining facilities as well as a point to gather, meet and enjoy the company of others. The Thorburn Totara Room is a warm and light space for meeting and learning together.

Whoever comes to Mistletoe Bay receives a lesson in environmental sustainability. Almost everything is recycled, reused or reduced. The children love working in the vegetable gardens and learning in the recycling areas; tramp in the native bush, and become so much more conscious of water and power usage.

Mistletoe Bay Eco Village sees over 2000 children and young people per year enjoying the special opportunities and experiences Mistletoe Bay has to offer. Helping shape good citizens for the future who through their experience learn they can take on challenges, build confidence, learn team work and skills, build relationship skills, understand that caring for our environment now and in the future is important work, strengthen their self belief and open their minds to possibility.

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We are a decile 3 school; many of our students come from low income and or single parent families. This programme provides opportunity for students to experience quality teachers and counsellors in a wonderful environment that parents and students are becoming to trust and support. Careers/Cultural Liaison at Catholic Cathedral College

Help us achieve our goal

To build the sort of capital required, the Foundation needs significant funds. Your donation can help hundreds of young people to experience the life-changing programmes at the Mistletoe Bay Eco-Village. The more we can raise, the more we will have available each year. This is where we hope you can help.