About our Foundation

The Mistletoe Charitable Foundation

In the knowledge that there are many young people from underprivileged circumstances whose lives and communities would benefit from the Mistletoe Bay experience, the Mistletoe Charitable Foundation has been established to provide financial assistance for those families whose child has been identified, but who cannot afford for them to participate.

We would like to rectify this.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Ultimately, the beneficiaries are future generations of New Zealanders. It is widely recognised that there are a number of under privileged youth throughout New Zealand with the potential to grow from the learning experiences offered by the Mistletoe Bay Trust. As these young people advance through life, this growth and learning will not be limited to just themselves, but will flow through to have a positive influence amid the lives of all those they live and work with.

Being at this camp has built my confidence so much I feel like I can be myself here. 10 Year Old Child

Help us achieve our goal

To build the sort of capital required, the Foundation needs significant funds. Your donation can help hundreds of young people to experience the life-changing programmes at the Mistletoe Bay Eco-Village. The more we can raise, the more we will have available each year. This is where we hope you can help.